How to Use Oracle Market Prediction

Playing FxBox Oracle Market Prediction lets you test your foresight to earn rewards. Use your market knowledge or gut feeling to predict if the EUR/USD or GBP/USD or JPY/USD or BTC/USD or ETH/USD or BNB/USD price will go up or down in the near future. Get it right and youโ€™ll collect a share of the roundโ€™s prize pool!

FxBox Oracle Market Prediction is a new product that we still consider to be in beta. We may make changes in the future to improve Oracle. As always, the FxBox team will inform users of any changes that will impact how the product works.

Accepting terms of the beta

Before you can use Oracle Market Prediction, youโ€™ll need to review and accept the terms.

Visit the FxBox Oracle page. You will see a โ€œWelcome!โ€ window explaining that the Oracle Market Predictions product is still in beta.

Read and accept the conditions then click Continue.

Switch between six oracle markets


FxBox offers six separate oracle markets for every player to choose from. You can play based on the EUR/USD or GBP/USD or USD/JPY or BTC/USD or ETH/USD or BNB/USD price, betting with FXB or USDT or USDC or BNB.

To switch between 6 prediction markets, simply click or tap the currency switcher on the top left corner.

Making a oracle market prediction for the next round

The Oracle page shows quite a bit of information. Prediction operate in 15 minute rounds. Make your prediction before a round goes live to join in.

Checking the timer

To enter a round of Oracle, you'll want to check how long is left in the current round. You'll find the timer in the top-right area.

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